At Home Spa Day – DIY Spa Treatments – Beauty Retreat

I’d say about once a month we all need a little TLC; and who doesn’t want to spend an afternoon (or a weekend!) getting pampered at a posh spa? But indulging in a day of decadence at the hands of a pro can be expensive. Luckily, it’s actually possible to re-create the experience — from the relaxing ambiance to the impressive results — at home. Here’s 20 steps that you can do to relax and unwind without even stepping outside!

Note: For more in-depth step-by-step instruction or descriptions, click the hyperlink

1.  Start with picking up the house. Now I know that’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a spa treatment, but you don’t want to be relaxing in the tub and thinking of the sink full of dishes or the laundry waiting to be washed and how if you don’t start it soon you’ll be up till midnight because all of that will be in the back of your mind and you won’t really relax. Plus, a real spa is clean too and isn’t that the idea today; A spa at home?

2.  Collect and dispense products in to little bowls or cups and place them where you’ll be using them. Here is a “List of Supplies” you’ll need.

3.  Light candles (scented is optional)

4. Make yourself a cup of camomile tea and use two tea bags. (Note: Save the tea bags and place with the facial products.)

5. Put on a fluffy comfortable robe and enjoy your tea. In a spa this would take place in the “Tranquility Room”.

6.  Play music. Weather it’s Zen like, light jazz, or ocean waves it’s whatever music that makes you feel good and helps you relax; However, try to make sure their are no vocals. Vocals in the music can make it feel more like a meditation section or keep your subconscious running around trying to translate what the artist is trying say. So I prefer no vocals in the music line-up.

7.  Start the “Hydrotherapy Treatment” by filling the tub with the hot water (Note: You may want to use hotter water than normal because it’s going to sit there for about 30 minutes and start to cool before you get in it) and add the bath salt or milk.

8. While the tub is filling with water go over to the bathroom sink and fill that with warm water and start your “Facial”. Then pause your facial after you apply the masque.

9.  Now your going to give yourself a “Body Scrub”: At a spa they’ll start with applying warm damp towels to moisten the skin; you can do that too, but if you don’t want to add to the laundry you can splash a little bath water on your skin, both are effective. While standing in the tub scrub your entire body with a sugar scrub in a circular direction. Once you’ve covered your entire body lower yourself into the tub and gently wipe off any leftover product. At this time you can scrub your feet if you are like me and need to sit down to do that.

10.  Apply your facial masque.

11.  Remember those two tea bags I told you to save… Squeeze most of the liquid out of the tea bags so they are moist. Close your eyes and place your “Herbal Eye Treatment” on your eye lid.

12.  Relax and enjoy the warmth of the water as it draws out negative energy and evaporates in the steam.

13.  Time for your “Scalp Treatment“. Apply the product to your scalp and massage in a circular direction. Then cover with a warm wet towel or cap.

14.  After about 15-20 minutes. Drain the tub, turn the water on warm and take a clean hand towel and wet it, then turn the water off. Place the towel on your face and rest for 5 minutes. Next use the towel remove the masque.

15.  Now, turn the shower on; wash and condition your hair and rinse your body off.

16.  Step out of the shower, dry off, and apply body butter or lotion in long sweeping motions, then put on your fluffy robe.

17.  At this time you can pour yourself another cup of tea or “Flavored Water”.

18.  Time for your “Pedicure”. I recommend doing the pedicure first because you don’t want to smudge your beautiful manicure trying reposition that little pinky toe or clean up that little bit of polish that didn’t make it onto the toe nail.

19.  Your toes look great now and it’s to give yourself a “Manicure”, but only after you take a few sips of tea or water.

20.  Now clear your calendar for a date, have a girls night out, or kick back and relax!

Ahh… Soft, supple skin, a healthy glow, beautiful nails, silky hair, and a refreshed, positive outlook; Taking time for yourself is one of the best things you can do to restore, rejuvenate, and heal. Although nothing really compares to leaving the work to the professionals you still need to have all this work done and on a consistent basis. If you don’t have the time to do it all at once, savor it over the next several days, it’s like a mini spa vacation!


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